What is Media Convergence?

Media Convergence is a term that we use today to describe digital technology. The Internet, radio, television and print all intersect to make up media convergence. We no longer watch the news the traditional way sitting in front of the television or picking up the newspaper off the lawn. There are many different hand held devices that we use daily to keep up with what’s current.Media convergence has affected our lives daily whether it’s receiving the news or making purchases.

We live in a society where people are constantly on the go therefore digital technology is crucial. Media convergence makes it convenient to function when going to work or catching an early flight.Although it benefits people who do not have problem with adjusting to the changes, but there are others who do not like change. There are individuals who do not have Internet access. I believe that without adapting to the convergence it limits your knowledge to what is going on around the world. For example my grandmother does not use the internet or smart phone,therefore she relies on channel 12 WSFA morning and evening news to keep her aware of the news. While my grandmother is waiting for the news report, I already have the latest news from my cell phone with mobile alerts from news websites, Facebook and twitter. This example displays how quickly media convergence can deliver important facts without the delays. In some cases when there is breaking news we do not have to wait for the news reporter to arrive on the scene. Today with technology there is a witness of the crime or activity with a smart phone or other handheld device to take pictures or make videos that can be sent to the local news stations or social media groups.

The convergence doesn’t stop at only affecting how we receive the news, but how about how we make daily purchases and pay bills? With digital technology we are able to handle our banking needs from home or via handheld device. The digital world has gone as far as making a deposit by simply taking a picture of a check that will electronically credit your bank account! Talk about convergence, this is amazing! You can transfer funds and even pay your monthly bills on your handheld device or PC.

Not only does digital technology affect people individually, it affects different small businesses as well. Business owners have to be equipped to receive payments from customers. They have to have the technology needed to process debit and credit card payments because these days no one carries cash or write checks. There are some businesses who have not made the necessary adjustments to the new changes. Those businesses I believe limit themselves to producing profit. For example I went to small place in town to grab lunch, the food looked and smelled great but when I went to pay they did not accept debit or credit cards. I did not have any cash so I had to leave the food behind. There were two other people waiting to order behind me once they heard no debt cards they left as well. So you see that digital technology is changing our lives in every area, receiving the news, making, daily purchases and even or businesses. We must be prepared to make adjustments to live our lives comfortably.


Strategic Communication

Social networking, tablets, online media and smart phones are all the ways we communicate in our world today.

I work as a Business Specialist for Wells Fargo Bank and Even the banking world has gone digital. There are banking apps that allow my clients to manage accounts from their smart phone, tablet or computer. Technology as even gone as far as taking a picture of a check to deposit directly into your account. I know what your thinking this may not be safe but it is. Our society is quickly emerging all forms of media.
Im elated to be able to pursue a degree in Strategic Communications to better prepare myself for the constant changes un media. Its imperative to stay ib top of all the upcoming changes to be able to provide the best customer experiance.

Working as a business professional and volunteering on the Prattville Alabama Small Business Commitee I am exposed to all new forms of media to market different events. It envolves public relations and advertising for not only the brand of the bank but the community as well.