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Putting it all together

It is the last week of my communications course and its time to put it all together. The past nine weeks have been filled with informative materials that I will use daily. As a communication professional its imperative that we remain current on what new technology is out there. This communication has shown me several new factors to apply as a communication professional.I would like to share three of the main factors that were an area of interest to me personally. For example; how we communicate, branding, and how technology effects our children.

How we communicate has drastically changed from the traditional snail mail and placing a phone call. Although some people still write letters as a personal preference, most people prefer the easier route. For example, sending a text message via cell phone, social networks, or email are all ways that we communicate today. We communicate according to what’s convenient to our lives. For example I am constantly on the go taking care of my daily activities so therefore I use my smartphone to send text messages, check email etc.

We also discussed the importance of branding. Your brand is defined as a distinguishing symbol, mark, logo, name, word, sentence, or a combination of all these items that companies use to identify there product from others in the market.(investopedia 2013) From the Nike slogan “Just Do It” to the golden arches of McDonald’s each represent a company independence from other competitors. Most brands are memorable so therefore they are easy to identify without seeing any words like the golden arches, no matter where you’re located everyone knows that the symbol represents a fast food restaurant. Not only is branding important for a company to uphold, but and individual as well. Your personal brand represents who you are. Your brand gives a complete stranger a perception of your characteristics and your personality. We have to be mindful about what we place on social networks because the wrong post could have a negative impact on your image. There are employers who look at social networks during there hiring process to take a look at what a potential new hire carries him or her self in public. Although our personal lives outside of work is our business, we still represent the company that we work for. For example I work for Wells Fargo as a Business Specialist and I am very active in my community so therefore I have to consider what other people see me do. I do not want to misrepresent myself or the company in an negative way. I know a company that does look at facebook and other social networks when searching for new hires. There was an individual whom had a great resume and experience for  a specific position, but she did not get the job because of some vulgar photos that we on facebook. I understand the importance of branding even better now from the readings and examples from this course

Lastly we read and listened to reading concerning how technology effects the development in our children. With the growth of digital technology we have to make sure our little ones are exposed to some type of smart device. Teachers have grown with the new technology by implementing iPads, tablets and other devices into the class room each day. Therefore most of our children are exposed to at least a smart phone at an early age. We have to not only give their small ones the opportunity to excel being digital,but we have to monitor what we allow them to watch on the internet as well as the games we allow them to download.  According to Dr.Charlotte E Grayson Mathis of WebMd studies have shown that children exposed to media violence have patterns in the brain linked to self control and attention that cause disruptive behavior. Children are like large sponges that soak up everything they we say, see and hear. These three topics stood out to me overall compared to all the topics discussed over the nine weeks. The class is coming to and end so I will not be posting as frequently as before. I will be sure to check in from time to time just to share some of life experiences and how they relate to emerging media.


What happened to School House Rock?

What happened to the old fashion School House Rock videos? My favorite was the multiplication video, I could sing those songs for days because I could not get them out of my head. My mother made sure my sisters and I watched those just about everyday. Not only did we watch them because my mother wanted us to but we watched them because we liked them. We enjoyed singing and dancing along with the video. We even competed with one another over who knew the most words. I did not realize how much I had learned with the singing and dancing until about the first grade we were learning multiplication and I was about the only one who knew more than everyone in the class. I would sing the song in my head to help me through the test and I go an A every time!

This week in class we are discussing how the use of technology can be helpful or harmful to children as they learn and develop new skills. Although I do not have any children but I do plan to have children and I would like for them to have the option to use modern technology. I have several cousins and friends who have children and they all use some type of electronic device with games and educational apps. I am definitely not against children learning to use new technology  but its how they use it.

I have a 5yr old godson who has used smart devices since he was old enough to walk. Its amazing how even the babies take interest in smartphones and iPads so quickly. All it takes is for them to see you touch it with your finger and soon they begin using their little fingers to put these gadgets to work. Not knowing exactly how to  use them but the bright colors and unique noises is what triggers the interest to want to play with them. Although children may look so cute as they play and smile with pressing buttons and touching the screens we have to be careful about what we allow them to watch, play and how much time they use on these devices. 

Technology has advantages when teaching our children the basic skills they need to succeed academically. My godson uses a website called which is an online learning website for children from preschool to kindergarten. The website has helped him develop drastically in math, reading, science and more. Its filled with games, puzzles and bright colors which captures the attention of the average 3 year old. My godson was exposed to websites like these from a baby because his mother did not want him to be ruined by violent video games and inappropriate behavior. My godson Kayden excels in his class room and loves to learn. He is well behaved in school besides the fact that he talks a lot and asks many questions. His behavior is an great example of how what we expose our children to affect them as they grow.

I personally like the old school way of learning and playing games. But these days some children seem to play games online or use apps for entertainment. There are children who never see outside they are consumed daily with hours of being looked in their rooms playing video games. This is a prime example of overweight children in america in my opinion. What happened to going outside playing kick ball or tag. I remember when I use to ride my bike as well as roller skates which were a gang of fun. There has to be someone out there that remember play time!

I believe that the time that our children spend using technology should be limited and monitored. If I had children they would have a designated time they could use to their iPads or computers. They would also only be allowed to use them in my presence. Once the time of use was over I would take the devices to put them away in a forbidden place, so my children would know that they were not to touch them without my permission. Children have to have boundaries in place so that they know that they can run over their parents and so what they want. I have seen several children who do not have any rules o follow at home and they primarily teach themselves and do what they want because parents are around. Parents have to interact with children daily as they grow and learn new things in this world. Even though technology is great for our children but who is going to teach them to distinguish the good from the bad things online. Parents have to make sure we take whatever precautions that need to be taken to make sure that online media,technology etc does not taint our children.    

There were several readings this week but there was one video titled “What do babies think” by Alison Gopnik. She gives us an example of how children think and interact with one another. For example there placed a bowl of broccoli and cheese crackers in front of a 2yr old to see which one they chose to eat. Of course the child chose the cheese crackers what child wouldn’t they were shaped like little fish. So of course those looked more fun, but when she ate from the bowl of broccoli and told the child ” yum yum this is good” with a smile on her face. The child then stared at here because the child was confused.The child simply stared at the bowls while thinking about the choice. Shortly after watching the adult eat the broccoli and smiling, the child picked up the broccoli and ate it with a smile and said “yum yum”Although the child wanted the crackers, he chose to do what he saw the adult display. This video clearly shows us that children are like sponges and they will imitate what they see others do. So as parents if we show our children the way they are supposed to go, parents would have the most influence over their children. 


What’s Your Brand

Have you ever wondered how you are viewed by your peers? Have you ever thought about what characteristics make up your personality or who you have become. What makes you different from others around you? Not only you personally, but how about  a company or business that want’s you to purchase there product. What about that company grabs the attention of the public? According to the American Marketing Association brand is described as a name, term, sign, or symbol or design or combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from other sellers.(2013) Branding is how the company get there target audience to believe that there brand is the only options.                                                                                                                                                           

When is business is building a new brand or new image they must include some important factors that create a new productive brand which include, motivating the buyer, creating loyalty, connecting to your target audience emotionally, confirming your credibility, and delivering the message clearly. These are some of the key factors that will produce a great brand according to an online article at Its imperative that a company does not focus primarily on selling the product but to ensure the consumers needs and wants have been met to continue an increase in the product.  For example everyone is familar with the brand Nike and there famous slogan “Just Do It”. This slogan has been around for 25 years this month. This slogan is one of the most well known taglines in the world. Nike captured the attention of there target audience as well as others. People wanted the product simply because the brand persuaded the consumers that it was the best thing to do with any thought. This tagline is short and catchy and influences the minds of people that there brand is simply the best brand. Therefore making the actual quality of the product just an extra feature to produce more sales. A lot of people will buy the brand simply because its what everyone is buying. I have purchased several pair of there running shoes as well as there athletic wear. The shoes are comfortable and light weight making them easy the maintain and get the job done without being weighed down with discomfort.


Now that we have discussed how important branding is for a company, lets talk about how branding affects us personally. How we see each other. or how we represent ourselves is determined by our brand. Everything that we do in life will have an impact on how we are perceived by our peers. We all take part in some type of internet branding, it could be our facebook, instagram, twitter, and other social networks. All these networks have one thing in common is that is they allow people to post pictures of their lives, daily activities and much more. Some people go as far s posting every move they make on these networks. I have seen friends that post pictures of them drinking alcohol and even fallen out drunk. Any photos or slogans that are negative could ruin your reputation of how others see you, not just you personally but the company you work for as well. For example if you are a well known attorney in your community and you post a photo that is inappropriate it could give potential clients or even existing clients a bad impression on the attorney’s lifestyle and value of they have for their job. We must understand that what we post on the internet could even interfere with a job, such as a persons hairstyles. Hairstyles affect your personality and can be a first impression of how people look at you. Most businesses use the internet now to profile their candidate before they hire them. They can easily take a look at a profile picture and see that the person has spiked hair with purple highlights. Most companies will not go for that look because it tells that the person may have a wild side. Even though the candidates brand may not be anything like the image that was portrayed. 

In conclusion, we must be mindful of what we place on the internet because it sales our brand in a positive or negative way. Even though the individual may be fully equipped for the task at hand. As a business a company should always remember when it comes to branding its the quality that produces quantity.


Imagine if you were the hiring manager for Apple, would you hire a candidate that looked like this?




Let’s Talk About Crowdsourcing

This week in my Strategic Communication class I learned a term that is very new to me but I practice it almost daily with my church activities. The term crowdsourcing is defined by Wikipedia as the process of obtaining needed services, ideas, and soliciting information provided by large groups of people, primarily from online online community.We often see crowdsourcing when fundraising for organizations and also advertising for a new business, rather than using employees they have large groups to carry out the information for the benefit of the business. 




Now that I know what the term means, I know that I use crowdsourcing or crowdfunding to raise money for my church. I am a member of the fundraising team at Passion of Christ Family Worship Center. POC is a non-denominational church in Montgomery Al which was founded by Pastor Charlie and Jalidia Davis. Poc was founded about two years ago and our congregation has been expanding rapidly. Therefore we have been fundraising to gather funds to move into a larger building. We host many community activities such as; car washes, fish fries, yard sales, bake sales and more. We work as a group to collectively come up with ideas to bring people to hear the word of God. We hit the streets with church flyers and open invitations to come and support our organization. We are currently having a fundraiser now which is expected to raise 15 thousand dollars in two months. We have 12 teams working diligently outside of the church to advertise our church name to get individual people and businesses to donate money to our building fund. Each team is responsible for raising 1200 dollars by November 17. 


The advantage of our church using crowdsourcing is that it allows us to work together to get out a large amount of information to a large amount of people effectively at low cost to the church. The less money a organization has to use to make money the more of a profit the organization will gain. As long as I have been working active with my church I never knew there was a term for all of our hard work. 



Blogging the Facts

It amazes me how people today become addicted to social media whether its Twitter,Facebook,Instagram, and other social networks.  The internet is the preferred choice to receive the daily news. I have several friends now who do not turn to CNN news to get the latest update on factual events but look to the convenience of social media or internet blogging. I often ask myself how do we know the information is the truth? Can we trust what journalist are posting online or what bloggers are posting on social networks and other sources?



These questions that I ask myself and I’m quite sure you may have asked yourself the same questions are centered around this weeks topic in my Strategic Communication and Emerging Media class. As journalist we have to understand importance  of writing ethically and display credibility.We have to be mindful of how we gather the news that we post on our blogs. We have to think before we write when it comes to blogging break news to the world. We can not post information for reliable sources and expect our audience to to build trust in our work. According to a video by journalist Markham Nolan journalist really depend on the audience to provide breaking news. For example if there is a life changing situation there is someone with a smartphone who will most likely record whats going on on the cell them upload the video to social media networks like twitter and YouTube.I believe we rely on the audience to get the news because the best news is news from a source who witnessed the scene. Twitter is very vital when it comes to journalist receiving news to give to he public if we use it correctly. Even when using twitter we have to be careful because there are some people who post false photos and videos and we have to be aware of those people that post things only for attention. Although the news stations have news reporters or back pack journalist to actually go out to get the story, sometimes the footage that we see aired on the news are from someone smartphone or hand held device.   

So what do we do to distinguish the real from the fake? There are internet tools that we can use to track where the sources come from for example spokeo is an free internet tool that allows journalist to investigate where photos and videos are real. This tools gives us information that will track the source or person who made the post to verify that the information submitted is true. Not only do journalist have to be careful of what we post but as the audience has to be careful of what we read and consider newsworthy.

Today’s society is constantly on the go and we want our news the fastest way we can get it. So we have become addicted to social media in which some of the sources may not be accurate. Social media has become our lives and everything else has taken the backseat. If we are not mindful of what we post or read we will become influenced by false information. The people will become addicts that have built an allegiance working together to execute strategic planning to confuse the world. As journalist and viewers we should always be sure to ask questions and read the fine print.

Social Media

This weeks class discussion was centered around social media and if educators should make it mandatory in the classrooms. First I would like to began by sharing my story and experience with social media. Next I will describe the most popular social networks and how they are used to benefit the brand of business. Finally why I believe its important to include social media in the classroom.



My current social network addiction is Instagram. Instagram, which was launched October 2010 by .(iContact 2013) This social network allows users to share photos and 15 second videos to friends and family all over the world. I love this network because its easy and quick to use.Photos and videos can be uploaded instantly I don’t have to log in to see photos and interesting videos. I can just click the app and my timeline updates with all the latest updates from my followers. I can also see the latest news or celebrity topics with the photos by following different broadcast networks for example E-online will post pictures of the hottest celebrity trends of fashion or the latest celebrity photo like Beyonce’s baby Blu Ivy. I don’t have to send messages if I don’t want to simply just scroll up and down my timeline. I got board with Facebook in 2006 once all my friends were using it to communicate wit each other after high school. After using it for so long and reading my friends daily problems that tend to take up my entire timeline. We all have those friends that air all their dirty laundry. I guess they don’t realize that posting certain things can keep them from getting a job or promotion.


I believe that social is mandatory for businesses to represent there brand for free. This is one way businesses can share there products so social network users can see the products and share the items with friends. This creates publicity for the businesses and people will either come to the place of business or even purchase the product online. Social networks help develop revenue and maintain cash flow to later produce expansion for the business. As a Business Specialist for one of the largest banks in the U.S I explain the importance of taking advantage of social networking to create a positive image in there local communities. The most popular network by far is Facebook. As of today’s date Facebook has 1.15 billion users that use this network daily to keep up with daily activities.(expandedramblings 2013) Facebook is used by social organizations and even college professors to communicate with members directly.Although there are other networks like Twitter,LinkedIn,Instagram, and many more but Facebook has set the highest bar of users in social networking.

 Social networking not only affect our social lives but our career opportunities as well. Employers can now use social networking to view a candidates resume. The use of social networks in the workplace allows the employer to speed up the hiring process and not waste so much time waiting to receive resumes from potential candidates, Once the employer views the resume online they can immediately decide if they want to proceed with the candidate or move on to the next. Not only can the employer view resumes they can also get a glimpse at the candidates social network photos. With that in mind educators should definitely incorporate social networking in the classroom, Students need to be taught how to use these networks properly. Professors should educate students on how to build appropriate webpages. There are so many young teens out there who believe its okay to post when and everything they say and do. Young people and some adults don’t realize that what they post on these websites could ruin or even end their career. We have to educate one another to be mindful of what we are leaving behind because sometimes a simple photo or  inappropriate use of language could set us up for failure.  This is something for you to think about!

Until next week you guys! Be sweet Image






My Mobile Addiction

 Has anyone ever walked around all day with their mobile device glued to their hand? Or how about playing games like candy crush,angry birds, or Temple Run? These are all the daily necessities that we need to survive. Our society has grown to be addicted to our mobile devices. Some people including myself need them to breathe. I know what your thinking, it sounds bizarre , but the truth is you probably could not survive without it because you would simply experience separation anxiety. 

I remember my very first cell phone which was a gift from my Aunt Lesia on my 15th birthday. It was a Sony Ericsson dark grey with the largest antenna you’ve ever seen. At that time the most popular phone was the little Nokia with the lights going up the sides. I didn’t get that one because it wasn’t the free phone at the time, but that big ericsson sure was. I did not care as long as I had a cell phone that worked I was elated. I can remember my mom being furious because she said the radiation would give me cancer!  My mom still does not have a cell phone and trust me she likes it that way! 

I personally just switched from the iPhone 4 to the Samsung Galaxy S3. I absolutely love it Its fast, fashionable, and filled with free apps. I got bored with the iPhone and I was ready for a change. Although I am still learning how to use it, its still a great toy to have. 

We have to have a at least a smart phone these days just to keep up with the world. I can check my email at any time, weather, news, and social networks all from the same device. According to research performed by the International Telecommunications union there are 6.8 billion mobile users all around the world.  Our society depend more so on handheld devices rather than a desktop computer.  I believe its only a matter of time before desktops main become extinct. Our businesses have even emerged to digital technology. For example; I went to see the doctor the other day and when I was called to the back the nurse did my medical assessment on an iPad. That’s not all, once I saw the doctor he simply sent my prescription to the pharmacy from the tablet as well. I asked him how were they able to do that? His response was “oh this is what society calls e-scripts!” Wow an electronic prescription…that impressive. I was looking forward to taking my taking my prescription to the pharmacy the traditional way.


So you see we have to use our cell phones daily. The world can’t function without them. I know that I am addicted to several games and social networks where I get lost and the times passes by. What features and games on your mobile device are you addicted to? Please leave a comment and share!!