Putting it all together

It is the last week of my communications course and its time to put it all together. The past nine weeks have been filled with informative materials that I will use daily. As a communication professional its imperative that we remain current on what new technology is out there. This communication has shown me several new factors to apply as a communication professional.I would like to share three of the main factors that were an area of interest to me personally. For example; how we communicate, branding, and how technology effects our children.

How we communicate has drastically changed from the traditional snail mail and placing a phone call. Although some people still write letters as a personal preference, most people prefer the easier route. For example, sending a text message via cell phone, social networks, or email are all ways that we communicate today. We communicate according to what’s convenient to our lives. For example I am constantly on the go taking care of my daily activities so therefore I use my smartphone to send text messages, check email etc.

We also discussed the importance of branding. Your brand is defined as a distinguishing symbol, mark, logo, name, word, sentence, or a combination of all these items that companies use to identify there product from others in the market.(investopedia 2013) From the Nike slogan “Just Do It” to the golden arches of McDonald’s each represent a company independence from other competitors. Most brands are memorable so therefore they are easy to identify without seeing any words like the golden arches, no matter where you’re located everyone knows that the symbol represents a fast food restaurant. Not only is branding important for a company to uphold, but and individual as well. Your personal brand represents who you are. Your brand gives a complete stranger a perception of your characteristics and your personality. We have to be mindful about what we place on social networks because the wrong post could have a negative impact on your image. There are employers who look at social networks during there hiring process to take a look at what a potential new hire carries him or her self in public. Although our personal lives outside of work is our business, we still represent the company that we work for. For example I work for Wells Fargo as a Business Specialist and I am very active in my community so therefore I have to consider what other people see me do. I do not want to misrepresent myself or the company in an negative way. I know a company that does look at facebook and other social networks when searching for new hires. There was an individual whom had a great resume and experience for  a specific position, but she did not get the job because of some vulgar photos that we on facebook. I understand the importance of branding even better now from the readings and examples from this course


Lastly we read and listened to reading concerning how technology effects the development in our children. With the growth of digital technology we have to make sure our little ones are exposed to some type of smart device. Teachers have grown with the new technology by implementing iPads, tablets and other devices into the class room each day. Therefore most of our children are exposed to at least a smart phone at an early age. We have to not only give their small ones the opportunity to excel being digital,but we have to monitor what we allow them to watch on the internet as well as the games we allow them to download.  According to Dr.Charlotte E Grayson Mathis of WebMd studies have shown that children exposed to media violence have patterns in the brain linked to self control and attention that cause disruptive behavior. Children are like large sponges that soak up everything they we say, see and hear. These three topics stood out to me overall compared to all the topics discussed over the nine weeks. The class is coming to and end so I will not be posting as frequently as before. I will be sure to check in from time to time just to share some of life experiences and how they relate to emerging media.



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