What happened to School House Rock?

What happened to the old fashion School House Rock videos? My favorite was the multiplication video, I could sing those songs for days because I could not get them out of my head. My mother made sure my sisters and I watched those just about everyday. Not only did we watch them because my mother wanted us to but we watched them because we liked them. We enjoyed singing and dancing along with the video. We even competed with one another over who knew the most words. I did not realize how much I had learned with the singing and dancing until about the first grade we were learning multiplication and I was about the only one who knew more than everyone in the class. I would sing the song in my head to help me through the test and I go an A every time!

This week in class we are discussing how the use of technology can be helpful or harmful to children as they learn and develop new skills. Although I do not have any children but I do plan to have children and I would like for them to have the option to use modern technology. I have several cousins and friends who have children and they all use some type of electronic device with games and educational apps. I am definitely not against children learning to use new technology  but its how they use it.

I have a 5yr old godson who has used smart devices since he was old enough to walk. Its amazing how even the babies take interest in smartphones and iPads so quickly. All it takes is for them to see you touch it with your finger and soon they begin using their little fingers to put these gadgets to work. Not knowing exactly how to  use them but the bright colors and unique noises is what triggers the interest to want to play with them. Although children may look so cute as they play and smile with pressing buttons and touching the screens we have to be careful about what we allow them to watch, play and how much time they use on these devices. 

Technology has advantages when teaching our children the basic skills they need to succeed academically. My godson uses a website called abcmouse.com which is an online learning website for children from preschool to kindergarten. The website has helped him develop drastically in math, reading, science and more. Its filled with games, puzzles and bright colors which captures the attention of the average 3 year old. My godson was exposed to websites like these from a baby because his mother did not want him to be ruined by violent video games and inappropriate behavior. My godson Kayden excels in his class room and loves to learn. He is well behaved in school besides the fact that he talks a lot and asks many questions. His behavior is an great example of how what we expose our children to affect them as they grow.


I personally like the old school way of learning and playing games. But these days some children seem to play games online or use apps for entertainment. There are children who never see outside they are consumed daily with hours of being looked in their rooms playing video games. This is a prime example of overweight children in america in my opinion. What happened to going outside playing kick ball or tag. I remember when I use to ride my bike as well as roller skates which were a gang of fun. There has to be someone out there that remember play time!

I believe that the time that our children spend using technology should be limited and monitored. If I had children they would have a designated time they could use to their iPads or computers. They would also only be allowed to use them in my presence. Once the time of use was over I would take the devices to put them away in a forbidden place, so my children would know that they were not to touch them without my permission. Children have to have boundaries in place so that they know that they can run over their parents and so what they want. I have seen several children who do not have any rules o follow at home and they primarily teach themselves and do what they want because parents are around. Parents have to interact with children daily as they grow and learn new things in this world. Even though technology is great for our children but who is going to teach them to distinguish the good from the bad things online. Parents have to make sure we take whatever precautions that need to be taken to make sure that online media,technology etc does not taint our children.    

There were several readings this week but there was one video titled “What do babies think” by Alison Gopnik. She gives us an example of how children think and interact with one another. For example there placed a bowl of broccoli and cheese crackers in front of a 2yr old to see which one they chose to eat. Of course the child chose the cheese crackers what child wouldn’t they were shaped like little fish. So of course those looked more fun, but when she ate from the bowl of broccoli and told the child ” yum yum this is good” with a smile on her face. The child then stared at here because the child was confused.The child simply stared at the bowls while thinking about the choice. Shortly after watching the adult eat the broccoli and smiling, the child picked up the broccoli and ate it with a smile and said “yum yum”Although the child wanted the crackers, he chose to do what he saw the adult display. This video clearly shows us that children are like sponges and they will imitate what they see others do. So as parents if we show our children the way they are supposed to go, parents would have the most influence over their children.




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