What’s Your Brand

Have you ever wondered how you are viewed by your peers? Have you ever thought about what characteristics make up your personality or who you have become. What makes you different from others around you? Not only you personally, but how about  a company or business that want’s you to purchase there product. What about that company grabs the attention of the public? According to the American Marketing Association brand is described as a name, term, sign, or symbol or design or combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from other sellers.(2013) Branding is how the company get there target audience to believe that there brand is the only options.                                                                                                                                                           

When is business is building a new brand or new image they must include some important factors that create a new productive brand which include, motivating the buyer, creating loyalty, connecting to your target audience emotionally, confirming your credibility, and delivering the message clearly. These are some of the key factors that will produce a great brand according to an online article at about.com. Its imperative that a company does not focus primarily on selling the product but to ensure the consumers needs and wants have been met to continue an increase in the product.  For example everyone is familar with the brand Nike and there famous slogan “Just Do It”. This slogan has been around for 25 years this month. This slogan is one of the most well known taglines in the world. Nike captured the attention of there target audience as well as others. People wanted the product simply because the brand persuaded the consumers that it was the best thing to do with any thought. This tagline is short and catchy and influences the minds of people that there brand is simply the best brand. Therefore making the actual quality of the product just an extra feature to produce more sales. A lot of people will buy the brand simply because its what everyone is buying. I have purchased several pair of there running shoes as well as there athletic wear. The shoes are comfortable and light weight making them easy the maintain and get the job done without being weighed down with discomfort. 




Now that we have discussed how important branding is for a company, lets talk about how branding affects us personally. How we see each other. or how we represent ourselves is determined by our brand. Everything that we do in life will have an impact on how we are perceived by our peers. We all take part in some type of internet branding, it could be our facebook, instagram, twitter, and other social networks. All these networks have one thing in common is that is they allow people to post pictures of their lives, daily activities and much more. Some people go as far s posting every move they make on these networks. I have seen friends that post pictures of them drinking alcohol and even fallen out drunk. Any photos or slogans that are negative could ruin your reputation of how others see you, not just you personally but the company you work for as well. For example if you are a well known attorney in your community and you post a photo that is inappropriate it could give potential clients or even existing clients a bad impression on the attorney’s lifestyle and value of they have for their job. We must understand that what we post on the internet could even interfere with a job, such as a persons hairstyles. Hairstyles affect your personality and can be a first impression of how people look at you. Most businesses use the internet now to profile their candidate before they hire them. They can easily take a look at a profile picture and see that the person has spiked hair with purple highlights. Most companies will not go for that look because it tells that the person may have a wild side. Even though the candidates brand may not be anything like the image that was portrayed. 

In conclusion, we must be mindful of what we place on the internet because it sales our brand in a positive or negative way. Even though the individual may be fully equipped for the task at hand. As a business a company should always remember when it comes to branding its the quality that produces quantity.


Imagine if you were the hiring manager for Apple, would you hire a candidate that looked like this?





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