Let’s Talk About Crowdsourcing

This week in my Strategic Communication class I learned a term that is very new to me but I practice it almost daily with my church activities. The term crowdsourcing is defined by Wikipedia as the process of obtaining needed services, ideas, and soliciting information provided by large groups of people, primarily from online online community.We often see crowdsourcing when fundraising for organizations and also advertising for a new business, rather than using employees they have large groups to carry out the information for the benefit of the business. 




Now that I know what the term means, I know that I use crowdsourcing or crowdfunding to raise money for my church. I am a member of the fundraising team at Passion of Christ Family Worship Center. POC is a non-denominational church in Montgomery Al which was founded by Pastor Charlie and Jalidia Davis. Poc was founded about two years ago and our congregation has been expanding rapidly. Therefore we have been fundraising to gather funds to move into a larger building. We host many community activities such as; car washes, fish fries, yard sales, bake sales and more. We work as a group to collectively come up with ideas to bring people to hear the word of God. We hit the streets with church flyers and open invitations to come and support our organization. We are currently having a fundraiser now which is expected to raise 15 thousand dollars in two months. We have 12 teams working diligently outside of the church to advertise our church name to get individual people and businesses to donate money to our building fund. Each team is responsible for raising 1200 dollars by November 17. 


The advantage of our church using crowdsourcing is that it allows us to work together to get out a large amount of information to a large amount of people effectively at low cost to the church. The less money a organization has to use to make money the more of a profit the organization will gain. As long as I have been working active with my church I never knew there was a term for all of our hard work. 




One thought on “Let’s Talk About Crowdsourcing

  1. First, I would love to know what fundraising idea you guys have that will make 15,000 in two months. That sounds awesome!! It sounds like your fundraising efforts are definitely some to rivaled. As far as crowdsourcing goes it was a relatively new term to me also. After further research I found it to be used in more ways than one. Social media and blog sites are, in my opinion, the main forums where crowdsourcing is utilized. Consumers are free to post about anything and often times those post are about companies and/or their products. Twitter offers a quick way for reviews of 140 characters or less, where the post can basically be whatever they feel like posting. Facebook allows a little more words and also reaches out to a different demographic than Twitter, so anything posted on their can reach people that would otherwise not be reached via social media. Pinterest and Instagram allows consumers to mainly post photos and suggest or deter customers away from products and/or services. In our previous readings we read about how consumers trust bloggers more than they trust the companies, so blogging is obviously a really good tool for crowdsourcing. This can hurt a company or harm it depending on what is being said and how credible the reader thinks it is. I would suggest that your utilize these forums when crowdsourcing. These will help you reach out to different demographics and give you a better chance of bringing people to your church and to Christ.

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