Blogging the Facts

It amazes me how people today become addicted to social media whether its Twitter,Facebook,Instagram, and other social networks.  The internet is the preferred choice to receive the daily news. I have several friends now who do not turn to CNN news to get the latest update on factual events but look to the convenience of social media or internet blogging. I often ask myself how do we know the information is the truth? Can we trust what journalist are posting online or what bloggers are posting on social networks and other sources?



These questions that I ask myself and I’m quite sure you may have asked yourself the same questions are centered around this weeks topic in my Strategic Communication and Emerging Media class. As journalist we have to understand importance  of writing ethically and display credibility.We have to be mindful of how we gather the news that we post on our blogs. We have to think before we write when it comes to blogging break news to the world. We can not post information for reliable sources and expect our audience to to build trust in our work. According to a video by journalist Markham Nolan journalist really depend on the audience to provide breaking news. For example if there is a life changing situation there is someone with a smartphone who will most likely record whats going on on the cell them upload the video to social media networks like twitter and YouTube.I believe we rely on the audience to get the news because the best news is news from a source who witnessed the scene. Twitter is very vital when it comes to journalist receiving news to give to he public if we use it correctly. Even when using twitter we have to be careful because there are some people who post false photos and videos and we have to be aware of those people that post things only for attention. Although the news stations have news reporters or back pack journalist to actually go out to get the story, sometimes the footage that we see aired on the news are from someone smartphone or hand held device.   

So what do we do to distinguish the real from the fake? There are internet tools that we can use to track where the sources come from for example spokeo is an free internet tool that allows journalist to investigate where photos and videos are real. This tools gives us information that will track the source or person who made the post to verify that the information submitted is true. Not only do journalist have to be careful of what we post but as the audience has to be careful of what we read and consider newsworthy.

Today’s society is constantly on the go and we want our news the fastest way we can get it. So we have become addicted to social media in which some of the sources may not be accurate. Social media has become our lives and everything else has taken the backseat. If we are not mindful of what we post or read we will become influenced by false information. The people will become addicts that have built an allegiance working together to execute strategic planning to confuse the world. As journalist and viewers we should always be sure to ask questions and read the fine print.


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