Social Media

This weeks class discussion was centered around social media and if educators should make it mandatory in the classrooms. First I would like to began by sharing my story and experience with social media. Next I will describe the most popular social networks and how they are used to benefit the brand of business. Finally why I believe its important to include social media in the classroom.



My current social network addiction is Instagram. Instagram, which was launched October 2010 by .(iContact 2013) This social network allows users to share photos and 15 second videos to friends and family all over the world. I love this network because its easy and quick to use.Photos and videos can be uploaded instantly I don’t have to log in to see photos and interesting videos. I can just click the app and my timeline updates with all the latest updates from my followers. I can also see the latest news or celebrity topics with the photos by following different broadcast networks for example E-online will post pictures of the hottest celebrity trends of fashion or the latest celebrity photo like Beyonce’s baby Blu Ivy. I don’t have to send messages if I don’t want to simply just scroll up and down my timeline. I got board with Facebook in 2006 once all my friends were using it to communicate wit each other after high school. After using it for so long and reading my friends daily problems that tend to take up my entire timeline. We all have those friends that air all their dirty laundry. I guess they don’t realize that posting certain things can keep them from getting a job or promotion.


I believe that social is mandatory for businesses to represent there brand for free. This is one way businesses can share there products so social network users can see the products and share the items with friends. This creates publicity for the businesses and people will either come to the place of business or even purchase the product online. Social networks help develop revenue and maintain cash flow to later produce expansion for the business. As a Business Specialist for one of the largest banks in the U.S I explain the importance of taking advantage of social networking to create a positive image in there local communities. The most popular network by far is Facebook. As of today’s date Facebook has 1.15 billion users that use this network daily to keep up with daily activities.(expandedramblings 2013) Facebook is used by social organizations and even college professors to communicate with members directly.Although there are other networks like Twitter,LinkedIn,Instagram, and many more but Facebook has set the highest bar of users in social networking.

 Social networking not only affect our social lives but our career opportunities as well. Employers can now use social networking to view a candidates resume. The use of social networks in the workplace allows the employer to speed up the hiring process and not waste so much time waiting to receive resumes from potential candidates, Once the employer views the resume online they can immediately decide if they want to proceed with the candidate or move on to the next. Not only can the employer view resumes they can also get a glimpse at the candidates social network photos. With that in mind educators should definitely incorporate social networking in the classroom, Students need to be taught how to use these networks properly. Professors should educate students on how to build appropriate webpages. There are so many young teens out there who believe its okay to post when and everything they say and do. Young people and some adults don’t realize that what they post on these websites could ruin or even end their career. We have to educate one another to be mindful of what we are leaving behind because sometimes a simple photo or  inappropriate use of language could set us up for failure.  This is something for you to think about!

Until next week you guys! Be sweet Image







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