My Mobile Addiction

 Has anyone ever walked around all day with their mobile device glued to their hand? Or how about playing games like candy crush,angry birds, or Temple Run? These are all the daily necessities that we need to survive. Our society has grown to be addicted to our mobile devices. Some people including myself need them to breathe. I know what your thinking, it sounds bizarre , but the truth is you probably could not survive without it because you would simply experience separation anxiety. 

I remember my very first cell phone which was a gift from my Aunt Lesia on my 15th birthday. It was a Sony Ericsson dark grey with the largest antenna you’ve ever seen. At that time the most popular phone was the little Nokia with the lights going up the sides. I didn’t get that one because it wasn’t the free phone at the time, but that big ericsson sure was. I did not care as long as I had a cell phone that worked I was elated. I can remember my mom being furious because she said the radiation would give me cancer!  My mom still does not have a cell phone and trust me she likes it that way! 

I personally just switched from the iPhone 4 to the Samsung Galaxy S3. I absolutely love it Its fast, fashionable, and filled with free apps. I got bored with the iPhone and I was ready for a change. Although I am still learning how to use it, its still a great toy to have. 

We have to have a at least a smart phone these days just to keep up with the world. I can check my email at any time, weather, news, and social networks all from the same device. According to research performed by the International Telecommunications union there are 6.8 billion mobile users all around the world.  Our society depend more so on handheld devices rather than a desktop computer.  I believe its only a matter of time before desktops main become extinct. Our businesses have even emerged to digital technology. For example; I went to see the doctor the other day and when I was called to the back the nurse did my medical assessment on an iPad. That’s not all, once I saw the doctor he simply sent my prescription to the pharmacy from the tablet as well. I asked him how were they able to do that? His response was “oh this is what society calls e-scripts!” Wow an electronic prescription…that impressive. I was looking forward to taking my taking my prescription to the pharmacy the traditional way.


So you see we have to use our cell phones daily. The world can’t function without them. I know that I am addicted to several games and social networks where I get lost and the times passes by. What features and games on your mobile device are you addicted to? Please leave a comment and share!!





One thought on “My Mobile Addiction

  1. I sure do know a little about the angst and anxiety experienced whenever I am separated from my smartphone for an extended period of time. There’s an emptiness I feel that is impossible to put into words. I’m sure you can understand that. I work in a hospital where reception is terrible and I absolutely hate whenever my signal is lost. I save the same feeling, or even worse, at that point as I do when I can’t find the phone. It’s very weird, I know, and maybe I should get myself some help. It’s unsettling to know that the phone is sitting right at my desk, yet I still can’t use it because signal is needed for all the phone’s gadgets to work. It really makes for a horrible day. I don’t really play any games on the phone, as I prefer to burn my battery browsing any one of the 15 sports applications I have on it. I also have an Android tablet, but I rarely use that thing. Everything I would look at on the tablet, I have already viewed 10 times over on my smartphone. I am a Netflix-mongerer, though. That is my primary reason for using the tablet. It will be traded in soon enough toward the newest shiny gadget that comes out. This was a very nostalgic posting, as it made me think back to my first mobile phone, It was a prepaid phone I got from Qualcomm in my junior year of high school. What was hilarious about that phone was it got me suspended from school, but that is another story for another time.

    Great post.

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