Strategic Communication

Social networking, tablets, online media and smart phones are all the ways we communicate in our world today.

I work as a Business Specialist for Wells Fargo Bank and Even the banking world has gone digital. There are banking apps that allow my clients to manage accounts from their smart phone, tablet or computer. Technology as even gone as far as taking a picture of a check to deposit directly into your account. I know what your thinking this may not be safe but it is. Our society is quickly emerging all forms of media.
Im elated to be able to pursue a degree in Strategic Communications to better prepare myself for the constant changes un media. Its imperative to stay ib top of all the upcoming changes to be able to provide the best customer experiance.

Working as a business professional and volunteering on the Prattville Alabama Small Business Commitee I am exposed to all new forms of media to market different events. It envolves public relations and advertising for not only the brand of the bank but the community as well.


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